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Streamline your non-profit with our user-friendly kiosks, engineered to amplify donations and event attendence.

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Your non-profit needs a
Self Service Kiosk

Streamline your non-profit operations by
tracking donors orders seamlessly

Faster Growth

After introducing our self-service Kiosks, our clients have witnessed an average rise of 65% in their donor base.

Attract More Attendees

Promote your events more efficiently with a self-service Kiosk. Its appeal outperforms traditional advertising methods by capturing the attention of potential participants more effectively.

Increase Revenue

Amplify your fundraising capabilities with a self-service kiosk, and enjoy a surge in recurrent donations. Experience an average increase of 45% or more in your donation amounts.

All the features you need
for your non-profit.

Kiosklyy offers a built-in CRM tailored for your non-profit.
It provides advanced functionalities to trace, oversee, and interact with your donors effectively.


Real-time donation data

Leverage real donor data to bring
valuable insight data to provide
better decision-making.


Real-time revenue data

Leverage real-time revenue
data to monitor and optimize
profitability and sustainability.


Multiple payment methods

Increase donations by accepting
all major forms of payments.
All Credit/Debit/Apple/Google Pay.


Fraud Protection

Built in Fraud Protection helps
protect your non-profit from


Track Repeating Donors

Track your repeat customers to
promote purchasing of new
items and retention.


Collect Donor Info

Collect your customers information
from name, email, to phone number
to increase customer rentention.


Increase your non-profit growth.

Get faster
growth results

Leveraging a self-service Kiosk can significantly enhance the volume of contributions for your non-profit, while also fostering the possibility of recurrent donations from benefactors. With our integrated CRM, you have the capability to reach out to your donors en masse.

Substantially Increase

Our Kiosks easily & quickly pay for them selfs.
The subsequent data is derived from the observed average growth in donation amounts amongst a selection of our clientele.


Average Monthly Gained


Average Yearly Gained

35% - 45%

Increase in Donations Quantity

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Self-Service Kiosk