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Frequently Asked Question

How many orders can Kiosklyy take?

Your customers have the flexibility to place as many orders as they desire, thanks to our robust kiosk system. The system has been engineered to handle an unlimited volume of orders without any limitations or disruptions.

Do I get free updates?

Absolutely! We are constantly improving and updating both the kiosk software and the back-office panel, and these updates are provided to you free of charge. It's our commitment to ensure you always have access to the most advanced and efficient system.

Does it work with Square?

Absolutely, our system is fully integrated with Square. As such, orders placed via our kiosk are automatically created on Square for your convenient viewing and completion. This integration ensures a seamless order management experience for your business.

Does it work with Clover?

Certainly, our system seamlessly integrates with Clover. Any orders placed through our kiosk are instantly reflected on Clover for easy viewing and processing. This integration provides a smooth order management experience for your enterprise.

Will you provide support?

Yes, we definitely provide support! Our team is available 24/7, offering free assistance to ensure your operations run smoothly and any issues are promptly addressed.

What KDS systems do you currently support?

As of now, our system only supports integration with Square's Kitchen Display System (KDS). However, we're actively developing to extend our support to other popular systems like Toast and Clover, aiming to broaden our compatibility in the near future.

Can I pass transaction fees to the customer?

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to pass transaction fees onto your customers. Our system provides customization options that allow you to set up your pricing and fees as best suits your business model.

Can I track customers?

Yes, you certainly can track customers. Our back-office panel provides you with detailed insights, showing how many times a customer has ordered from you. This data can be instrumental in reaching out to customers for promotions, feedback, or any other business needs you may have.

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