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Streamline your service with our user-friendly kiosks, engineered to amplify sales and enhance your customer's fast food experience.

Kiosklyy easily integrates with Square!

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Ticket Size.


Increase in


Decrease in Labor


Order Error

Your business needs a
Self Service Kiosk

Streamline your business operations by
taking customer orders seamlessly and
reap the benefits of self-ordering.

Decrease Costs

Harness the power of self-ordering and significantly reduce labor costs. Save 35% on Labor & 30% on Fees

Decrease Order Errors

Minimize order errors and enhance accuracy like never before with our efficient self-ordering kiosks see 90% reduction in order errors.

Increase Revenue

Unlock higher sales potential with our intuitive self-ordering kiosks, designed to elevate the customer ordering experience. See a 30% increase in ticket sizes

All the features you need
for your business.

We offer Kiosks for Non-Profits too.
Increase Restaurant Revenue & Donations for Non-Profits


Real-time order data

Leveraging real customer order
invaluable insights data can
provide for decision-making.


Real-time revenue data

Leverage real-time revenue
data to monitor and optimize


Multiple payment methods

Increase revenue by accepting
all major forms of payments.
All Credit/Debit/Apple/Google Pay.


Fraud Protection

Built in Fraud Protection helps
protect your business from


Track Repeating Customers

Track your repeat customers to
promote purchasing of new
items and retention.


Collect Customer Info

Collect your customers information
from name, email, to phone number
to increase customer rentention.


Increase your business growth.

Get faster
growth results

Experience substantial savings by reducing cashier costs by 30%, dramatically decreasing order errors by 90%, and lowering marketplace fees by a significant 15-30% with our advanced self-service kiosks.

Save big using
Self Service Kiosks

Save in costs while increasing revenue.
Savings are based on an average 30% marketplace fee.


Average Monthly Saved


Average Yearly Saved

15% - 30%

Increase in Ticket Size

Switch to
Self-Service Kiosk